Friday, July 12th

Today was a long day! I started bright and early at 8 am and worked in the vineyard until 12. Our job was to go to each vine and remove the leaves that were lower that a foot above the ground. At first it wasn’t too bad, but then the sun started getting really hot and the Cabernet Franc vines were very stubborn. Lunch was a nice break from the sun, and I was relieved when Philippe told me I wouldn’t be going back out there in the afternoon. Instead, Laurie, Antoine and I did labeling of the bottles. I never realize how much I took that job for granted! After that, we had to move some barrels into a different room since there is another wedding reception there this weekend. Every weekend I’m here they’re booked for a wedding! It’s a really nice place though so I can see why people would want to have a reception here. Tomorrow I’m up bright an dearly (again) to head to Spain! We are taking the grandmother and her sister to their flat, and then we are staying at someone’s house for the weekend. I’m excited to relax on the beach!! It should be a good weekend, and I can’t believe I only have 15 days until I’m home! 🙂


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