This Week

Tuesday, July 9th: Tuesday I got an important job to do!!! I was told to fill up the oak barrels with the wine. 🙂 First I had to sterilize the barrels with some sort of sulfur compound, then I got to fill them. It was tricky at first, making sure the wine was to the very top but didn’t spill out (that happened a few times) but eventually I got the hang of it. When I started on the last row of barrels, I ran into a bit of a problem. When I started filling the first barrel, it started leaking. I told Antoine, but he told me to keep going, so I did.  When I finished the last 6, all of them were leaking. I knew the next day was going to be interesting having to clean it up!! Tuesday night I ended up eating dinner with the grandmother next door, and her 2 sisters. They were all very nice, and dinner was amazing! I also had some of the best cheese ever… They’re all about the cheese here, so I fit in great on that aspect!

Wednesday, July 10th: Wednesday was another BIB day, or bag in box day. I was in charge of folding the boxes, while Antoine filled up the bags with wine, and Laurie put said bags in the boxes and closed them. It was a long day, but I usually don’t mind the BIB’s. Wednesday also was Louise’s birthday. She just turned 12, and we had a really nice lunch to celebrate! The night was uneventful (she was at her mom’s) and I got to bed at a decent time.

Thursday, July 11th: Today was a good day. I got to do some bottling, and then I got to work out in the vineyard some! They just planted some new vines this season, so my job was to tie the vines to the post to make sure they are growing straight up. It was so cute to see the baby vines; they were precious! Tonight some of Philippe’s friends came over for dinner and we had a good time and some good food. Well it’s off to bed for now! I’m excited for this weekend, since I’m going to Spain for a few days. 🙂


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