Last week, weekend, and Monday

I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in so long!! But I will give you updates of every day so far. 🙂

Thursday: Thursday I helped Antoine (a guy I work with) and Laurie (some girl I work with) fold boxes, fill bags with wine, put those bags in the boxes, then close them; they’re called bag in box. Pretty much the cheaper version of wine. It took a while, but I think they were grateful to have me there, since it went faster with 3 people than just 2. Thursday night we went to Little Italy with most of the coworkers, and the food was really good! As was the wine, since Domaine de Montels (where I’m working) provides the wine at that restaurant. Afterwards, we went out for drinks which was a new experience for me, since I’ve never had drinks with a boss before.  

Friday: Friday was very interesting! Philippe (the host dad) owns another vineyard about an hour away from the one I’m at now, so he took me and Laurie out there to help with the wires. Our job was to move the wires up a few notches on the poles, and then make sure the vines were in between them. This allowed the tractor to get between the rows of vines.  It was really hot, and I’m realizing more and more how much work is actually put into maintaining a vineyard.

Saturday: Philippe left to go scuba diving with some of his buddies, so it was me, Louise (the 12 year old) and Sophia (the cousin) who were left to fend for ourselves. We went to the open market Saturday morning, where Theirry (Philippe’s brother) was selling their wine. I was the one who had to drive, and that was definitely an adventure. Thank god I know how to drive a manual, but the roads here are smaller than 1 lane in America, and it was very nerve-racking. After the market, we walked around Montabaun for a little bit, then headed back and hit the pool. Louise went with her mother for the night, so it was just me and Sophia Saturday night; it was pretty uneventful. 

Sunday: Sunday, Sophia left really early to catch her flight back to the U.S. so I was left to fend for myself. The grandmother and one of Theirry’s friends came over and invited me to lunch at Theirry’s house, which was right across the street. I had a salad, grilled eggplant (which was delicious), some sort of meat… (don’t ask), bread, and ice cream. It was delicious!!! After lunch, I stayed for a little while and just laid by the pool. Theirry’s friend (I can’t remember her name) was super nice and she told me if I wanted to go shopping or if I needed something she would be more than happy to help! We had a nice chat, and I think I might take her up on her offer at some point. Jut a quick little side note; the house I’m living in is kind of gross; there are dishes everywhere, the dishwasher doesn’t work, and the soap is nonexistent, and there are ants everywhere. It was a nice break to go to Theirry’s since his house was very clean, and his pool didn’t have 100 different species of bugs living in it. 

Monday: Today was ok. I worked in the shop instead of with Antoine who deals with most of the actual wine making. I had to deal with my first customer today!! I definitely had my ups and downs when it came to that. Philippe keeps wanting me to learn French, and I’m trying really hard! But I can tell he and his family are disappointed in me which is getting really annoying. They knew I had no experience speaking French before I came here, and they’re expecting me to speak it fluently when I leave. It’s also really annoying how he keeps saying the same thing over and over (in French) thinking the more times in a row I hear it then I will have an epiphany and suddenly understand what he’s saying. So far that hasn’t happened yet. Some of the customers today spoke English though. I was so happy I almost gave them a hug! (not really, but I did get very excited). I met this family from Holland who’s here on vacation for 2 weeks. They were really nice and asked me about where I was from and what I was doing here. Tonight I have no idea what’s going on (like every day/ every night). Everything here is a surprise, and it gets really annoying because there are always tons of people coming and going from the house at odd times, some taking the kids, others not…. it’s weird. But I only have 19 more days until I’m home, so I am very very very excited about that!!!! 🙂 


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