I officially have made it to my internship!!!! It was a little rocky at the start, since the couple is in the midst of a divorce and it took them a half hour to get me, but I’m determined to keep an open mind! I got a tour of the vineyard, and I helped put stickers on wine bottles which were then boxed up. I’m living with the dad and the 2 daughters, 10 and 12. I found out they have a flat in Spain and he said we would go there sometime. And they have a pool at their house!!!! I went swimming with the girls and their cousin (who’s American so she can translate but she’s only here for 3 days) and we played Simon says in 3 different languages! (English, Spanish and French). Tonight at dinner the girls were teaching me some French words; so cute!!!

Another thing that’s kinda cool is that the dad seems laid back and told me to make myself at home, and that if there’s a day I don’t want to work I can “babysit” the girls at the pool which really means just lay out and go swimming all day!

One thing I didn’t know is that they have 2 vineyards. There’s one literally in their backyard, and the other is about an hour away. I think we will be going there sometime this week; I hear it’s gorgeous! I’m really excited to see what else this internship has in store for me, and I’m excited to learn more French so I can communicate better with those I’m working with. 🙂


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