Weekend in Paris

This weekend was very, very eventful!!!! Friday night we got to our hotel around 11pm, so we just chilled and didn’t do much. 


We woke up at a decent hour, and went right to the Eiffel Tower. I was in awe when I saw it, and we only had to wait in line 30 minutes maybe. At the top, the view was absolutely gorgeous! I’m still blown away by how spectacular everything looked. After the Eiffel Tower, my friend and I went to the Louvre to see what the deal was with tours and such. We found out there was a tour Sunday at 11am and wanted to hit that one. After the Louvre, we walked towards the Notre Dame, and got a sandwich on the way. The line to get in was decently long, and we had to meet people at 2 at the Eiffel Tower, so we hiked it across Paris only to not be able to find the people we were supposed to meet up with. After that we went to the Arc de Triomphe which was cool to see since it’s so famous, but there wasn’t really much to do dealing with it. We then hit a few stores for shopping (yay!) and then it was off to the Notre Dame. The Notre Dame was very impressive and was gorgeous inside! After that we went back to the hotel and then dinner. I had steak and fries, and a glass of wine. My appreciation of wine has definitely increased every since I started the viticulture portion of this program! Saturday night my friend and I went to a club, which was definitely an interesting experience. The music was all techno underground stuff (really really weird), but it was still fun! 🙂 I only got 2 hours of sleep though, since the metro didn’t start back up until 5:30am!


Sunday (today) was also busy!!! After getting little sleep, we hit the Louvre to see some famous art. We decided to do a 1 1/2 hour guided tour which hit the high points and most famous pieces within the museum. I’m really glad we decided to do that, since the museum is huge and we had limited time. Of course it was really crowded near the Mona Lisa, but I can see how one could easily spend the whole day there. I would’ve really liked to sit on the chairs they have in the middle of the rooms with paintings and just analyze each one and try to figure out what story is being told. We made it to the airport and made it back safely too! This weekend was great, and I’m so glad I decided to go to Paris! 



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