Barcelona/ Monday June 17th

This weekend was really busy!!! We left Toulouse at 2:30 on Friday, but the bus didn’t have air conditioning so we had to go and try to get that fixed. It took them an hour to conclude they couldn’t fix it at that moment so then we had to change buses. Finally around 4 we got out of Toulouse. Halfway between Toulouse and Barcelona is this duty free place where apparently there is no tax on items….It was extremely sketchy though. It was kind of deserted and it reminded me of the shops in Mexico. Once we got out of there it was about 2 more hours to Barcelona.

Once we arrived in Barcelona, we got our hotel rooms (mine was really nice, shared with 3 others), and then we tried to find a place to eat. We ended up going downtown and ate at this cute little restaurant. I didn’t realize how big Barcelona was until we almost got lost…. my map helped me out a lot this weekend, along with my limited knowledge of Spanish.Ā 

Saturday we woke up at a decent hour and went shopping downtown. There were tons of stores; it would’ve taken at least a week to hit all of them!!! After shopping and a quick lunch at a sandwich shop, we hit the beach!!! The weather was gorgeous and I got a nice little tan. The water was a little chilly, but it’s cool to say I swam in the Mediterranean. Saturday night was a bit of an adventure but it was still fun. šŸ™‚ I’ve gotten good at using public transportation!

Sunday we went down to another shopping mall and just looked around for a little. We left around 2:30 (again), but there was so much traffic we didn’t get back until around 11! Today (Monday) was a long day, but I’ve officially started the viticulture portion of the program! I had my first official wine tasting this morning, which was very exciting. šŸ™‚ Tonight I’m just chilling because this week is going to be busy (visits to vineyards!) and I’m headed to Paris this weekend. šŸ™‚


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