Wednesday, June 12th

Today was a decent day. We had 2 lectures both about chickens, which were kind of boring… It was hard to understand the professor and he spoke very quietly, so therefore it was difficult to pay attention. But tonight was extremely fun!!! There’s this 5 day festival going on in downtown Toulouse. It’s called Rio Loeo and it’s all about the Caribbean. Tonight we had to wait in line for over an hour to get tickets, but it was definitely worth it!! The tickets were only 5 euros too! After we got in (finally) we decided to try some Caribbean food. We had sausage, beans, rice, pork, and some spicy salsa; it was all delicious! We also got beer and got these cool souvenir cups as well! Around 10 pm Jimmy Cliff came onstage and performed for about an hour and a half. The music was really good and he put on a great performance! I actually knew about 2 songs too so that was good šŸ™‚ There were tons and tons of people there, but it was a really fun night!Image


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