Tuesday, June 11th

Today was extremely busy!!!! We left Purpan at 7am to go to Roquefort where the famous bleu cheese is made!! We got to tour the cellars where the cheese matures and after the tour we go to taste it. It was delicious!!! After the cellars we went to the farm where the milk is produced for the Roquefort cheese.We had lunch (baguette with ham and cheese, chips and fruit) and then “dessert” which consisted of wine, Roquefort cheese and homemade bread; it was beyond amazing!!!!! 

After the tour of the farm we headed home (Purpan) and drove by the tallest bridge in the world. At first it didn’t seem that tall but since it stretches between two mountain peaks it’s the tallest from the ground to the top. It was actually quite impressive seeing as how it only took 3 years to build too! Image


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