Weekend in the Pyrenees/ Monday, June 10th

This past weekend in the Pyrenees is one that I will not forget for a really long time, if at all. On the drive there, we took a detour because it was raining so hard. So instead of going straight to the mountains, we stopped in Lourdes for a few hours. Although it was pouring, I took this opportunity to go to the Catholic Church. I also received Holy water while I was there, and I was able to go inside the church and look at the immaculate decoration. It was beautiful, and I’m really glad we took the detour.

After Lourdes, the rain let up a bit so we continued on our way to the mountain refuge in the Pyrenees. The drive up the mountain took about an hour, and I was very impressed with the bus driver’s skills since it was pretty much switchbacks the entire way up. The view was gorgeous while we ascended, and when we got to the refuge, it was so cute!!! After unloading our stuff, me and about 5 other people decided to look around and hike up to this statue. The statue wasn’t super exciting, but the view of the mountains was (even though it was rainy and cold). After the statue, we hiked up to this waterfall which was really dangerous but very exciting all at the same time! Everyone else was inside the refuge playing some board games, but we decided to be adventurous. When we got back, we had dinner at 7, which was really good. We started off with soup, then had this quiche type course, then the main dish of beef and vegetables, and we finished with dessert of different types of cake. It was delicious, and the soup really warmed me up!!

The next day we went on a group hike up a mountain. It took maybe an hour, but we stopped to take a lot of pictures. When we got to our destination, there was snow (yay!!! :D) and tons of waterfalls! The view was beyond amazing, and it was worth every step. (I will try to post a picture). After the hike we got on the bus and started home.

Today was a busy day as well. This morning we learned about the meat and dairy production in the world/Europe/France which was decently interesting. It was cool to learn about how much other countries produce, since it seems like America can produce so much! Lunch was good (I had this delicious dessert of some crumbly cake over fruit) and then French lessons followed…. It makes me sleepy eating and then having class right after. Slowly but surely though we are plugging away at that French! After class I went to the grocery store, Carrefour, with some friends and we just perused the aisles for a while. For dinner we had chicken cordon bleu, and this really good peach blanc wine. 

Tomorrow should be fun, since we are going to a cheese production facility!!! (mom, you can be jealous :)) And we get to taste test! 🙂 Should be fun!Image


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