Friday, June 7th

Today started out with French lessons in the am. Of course learning French is difficult, but little by little I’m learning how to put sentences together in an attempt to communicate better!! After French lessons we visited a castle in Carcassonne; it was gorgeous! The tour guide was… interesting…. She gave a lot of information but it didn’t really seem that important to what we were seeing. It was hard to pay attention to her too. Eventually when we were touring the castle, the last half of the group (me included) kind of branched off and took tons of our own pictures. 🙂 It was really fun!!

One thing that will be very memorable at the castle is the cathedral we went in. Not only was the stained glass beautiful, right before we were about to leave our tour guide made us sit down and all of a sudden 3 men started singing. It was so extremely beautiful, and I will remember that moment for a long time. 

Tonight was really fun because 8 people came over and cooked dinner with my roommate and I! We had a schmorgous board of food. Between pasta, fried rice, a Toulouse casserole, and bruschetta, I was stuffed!!! It was really good and I hope we can do that more often. It’s a lot better eating with people than eating alone. 😦 

I am off to the Pyrenees mountains tomorrow, so I won’t be posting for a few days. I will try to post some pictures tonight, but if that doesn’t happen I will definitely post them either Sunday night or Monday!!


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