Thursday, June 6th

The morning started off with French lessons, which are slowly but surely beginning to help. I think the most important thing I’ve learned how to say so far is “Do you speak English?” I usually ask store employee this right when I walk in the door so I know if a game of charades will ensue or not. I also really like my French teacher! She has us do interactive games which help solidify the new material in our brains (I think).

This afternoon we learned about the Common Agriculture Policy in Europe. It was very informational, but at the same time a little dry. It was tough to pay attention especially after having just eaten, but the teacher printed out the notes for us so I can always review them again if I need/want to. 

After class I went to Carrefour, which is a grocery store. It was very difficult shopping in a foreign country, and the pictures on the boxes were extremely helpful. One thing I thought was odd was that France (or at least Toulouse) doesn’t really have peanut butter. I found one jar, it wasn’t a known brand, and it cost upwards of 4 euros! I guess our peanut butter in America is like their Nutella here. There are shelves and shelves of Nutella everywhere; so many displays!!!! Oh, and they have a lot of chocolate cereal… It was hard finding the types of things that I knew but I guess that’s to be expected. 

Other than class and the grocery store, today was fairly uneventful. Tomorrow should be fun because we get to tour a castle in the afternoon!! I will try to post pictures of downtown Toulouse (from yesterday) and pictures of the castle at some point soon!!


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