Wednesday, June 5th

Today was another busy day!! This morning we had another French Culture lesson which I think is really important to learn about. We went over table manners, host families, etc. and also were able to ask a lot of questions. The teacher is very nice and is willing to answer every question we ask her. She also wanted to take a picture of our class, which was sweet. 🙂 


After lunch (where I had some really really good lasagna) we went on a tour of downtown Toulouse; it was beautiful! We went into 2 different Catholic churches, and into the City Hall which had some gorgeous murals. There was also this room we went into that was usually used for weddings, and it was beautiful!! I could really see why they would use that room! The first church we went into, Sant Sernin, was amazing. It was very large and has been used for centuries. One thing that I thought was sad about this church was that they destroyed all the stained glass many years earlier because it was “going out of style.” It would’ve been really cool to see how the stained glass looked in the windows instead of boring regular windows. The second church, Los Jacobins, was also very pretty. The outside wasn’t as appealing, but the inside had some cool architecture on the ceiling and the stained glass was gorgeous. Downtown Toulouse was really cool, and I’m really excited to go back! There were also a lot of shops and restaurants all around.

For dinner, I went to this little restaurant with some friends and had my first glass of wine since I’ve been here! I also had this very good baguette sandwich with ham and cheese. Yum!! Tomorrow should be a learning-filled day; French lessons are in the morning then we are going to learn about the Common Agriculture Policy… It should be interesting! Oh, we also get to learn about how to use the internet!! Yay! 🙂 


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