Tuesday, June 4th

Today was a really long day, but it was also very productive!! I started off my day at 8:45 with a French Culture class. The teacher was really intersting and she knew her stuff. I thought it was cool how she worked for the U.N. for a short period of time! She taught us about some different customs you commonly see in France and how we might start experiencing “culture shock” with this. I’m glad we are learning about all of this stuff now so we don’t keep making fools of ourselves and living up to our American stereotype over here. That class was 3 hours long (whew!) but very informational.

Lunch was nothing special, except for the fact I had fish and didn’t even think about how they might not remove the bones in the fish…. yuck. But it was still decently good. After lunch we had a 3 hour French class…. 3 hours…. it was intense. However, I did learn a lot!!! I was surprised as to how much we were taught today, and at this rate I think we will all have a good understanding of some basic French. I’m really glad we have to take a French class because then I can attempt to communicate better with people and not seem so out of it all the time.

I’m probably going to try to head to bed early tonight. I got in late last night and today was exhausting! My brain is being filled with lots of new material! šŸ™‚ I am still trying to figure out how to upload pictures onto my blog, so I will have those up as soon as I can!! Another side note, whenever I hear the sirens here (from emergency vehicles) I immediately think of Jason Bourne. Too bad Matt Damon won’t be running down the street anytime soon. :p


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