Monday, June 3rd

Today was really interesting! We started out in a classroom at 9:30 and got lots of information about what our stay in Toulouse will be like. We also found out we get 60 euros a week for groceries which was unexpected! We also got our class schedule, which shows us taking lots of field trips which will be fun. It also told us the departure times for the weekend trips. The first weekend we are here (June 7th), we are going hiking in the Pyrenees Mountains. The second weekend, we are going to Barcelona, and the third weekend is a free weekend. One thing I was surprised about is that in Barcelona they are taking us there, but once we arrive we are on our own. We get a hotel room but we are in charge of what we do, where we go, etc. There sure is a lot of free time/planning your own time. After the information session (which lasted maybe 1 1/2 hours) we got a tour of the Purpan campus. The school is pretty small compared to universities in America, but it was really nice and had some cool architecture.

We then went to a dining cafe for lunch. I would call it a dining court but it was open to all the public (so it seemed). I was really confused as to how it all worked and I’m sure everyone else was as well. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it eventually though. The walk to lunch was really long and way out of the way from campus and our dorms. But we made it! After lunch we met up back on campus and had an informational session on how the Purpan library worked. The librarian was really nice and gave us a lot of information on wine (since most of us are doing the viticulture option).

At around 3:45 we had “drinks” with the people in charge of International Programs at Purpan. We were able to mingle more with the students in the program and we talked with the lady that seemed in charge of it all. It was overall a good time I’d say. Tonight I might hang out with some friends (yes, I made friends!!) but I’m not sure what we are going to do.

On a side note, one thing I really want to do before I leave is watch a rugby game! It would be cool to watch a game that’s as popular over here as football is in America. 🙂


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