I finally made it to France!! The flights were uneventful, although I did feel to be about the average height in Amsterdam which was nice for a change. The time change here is a little tough to get used to, especially since I didn’t sleep a lot on the flight, but I know I will get use to it.

Yesterday (arrival day June 1st) I went to a supermarket with some people I met who are also in the program. The store was a mix of a grocery store and a department store; it was huge! It was also very clean, which I’ve noticed a lot of things in France are. We had to take the tram to get there, which was a new experience. I know I will have that mastered by the time I leave because it’s so convenient. Last night I went to downtown Toulouse (the main picture on my blog was taken there), which was really fun. Not only will I learn how to master the tram, I will also learn how to master the metro, which is an underground tram. Downtown we walked around and I had my first baguette! It was delicious, and I know there will be many more to come. 🙂

One thing I have realized is that no one speaks English. I know I am in France so French is spoken everywhere (which is expected), but if you need help with directions or something I have found charades tends to be very helpful. I’m really excited to start the classes I will be taking here at PURPAN so I can learn some French and hopefully communicate better with people.

Today (Sunday, June 2nd) I’m not too sure what I will do today. I do hope to check out the school and see where my classes will be held. The dorm I’m in is a good 10 minute walk to the other buildings, so I want to figure out where I have to go tomorrow morning. Another thing one of the head students told us was that nothing is open on Sundays. I want to go downtown again, but I’m not even sure if the tram runs on Sunday… hmmm…. I will have to figure that out. Well I’m off to go explore campus!

Au revoir


2 thoughts on “Arrival

  1. Salut Michelle, j’espère que tout va bien et que vous avez un moment vraiment amusant. A bientĂ´t


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